What are we doing

Cleaner, Greener, Alvechurch is a local volunteer organisation focusing passionately on protecting our environment, and helping people develop a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are we trying to do

As a group of volunteers, we host regular meetings to discuss initiatives, along with the ways we can achieve our aims and objectives. All are welcome, and everybody deserves a voice.

Key Aims

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss green issues

  • Develop local community awareness in the principles of refuse, reuse, repair and recycle

  • Create opportunities for the local community to get involved in the key principles of sustainable lifestyles

  • Create pride and a sense of ownership of local green spaces and nature

  • Help people move to a more sustainable lifestyle by championing initiatives and showcasing local organisations

How to get involved

Throughout the year we organise a range of initiatives to help Alvechurch, and the local community, stay cleaner and greener.

To get involved in some of the exciting projects, send us an e-mail or follow our social media.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Cleaner, Greener Alvechurch Team.

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