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Reduce Bathroom Waste

Cleaner Greener Alvechurch (CGA), taking practical action to improve the natural environment and share ideas to help reduce environmental impact, asked its members for their top tips on reducing waste from the bathroom.

Susie makes her own facial toner with quarter cider vinegar to three quarters filtered water, while Benia uses a muslin cloth and a konjac sponge to clean and exfoliate her face.

“The sponge lasts for a month or two and can be composted later. The muslin cloth can be machine-washed and I’ve been using it for more than a year now. My DIY products save me around £100 a year, at least,” she says.

Jessica makes a facial scrub from coconut oil, used coffee and a bit of Demerara sugar.Over the last couple of years, member John Shields has been researching sustainable products:

  • Companies are starting to respond to pressure from customers and more environmentally-friendly alternatives are now available".

  • Soap and shampoo bars using natural ingredients are a simple first step – there are so many good brands as well as small independent producers. Lush is one option, while Friendly Soap has very reasonable prices.

  • Toothbrushes with wooden handles and natural floss can be purchased online, at zero-waste shops and even large supermarkets; Colgate have now produced a wooden toothbrush as a trial.

  • Try to avoid those with painted surfaces, which cause composting or recycling problems.

  • Deodorant and moisturiser are available in glass, metal or cardboard packaging. Our family usually uses coconut oil as a great natural alternative to moisturiser, and a simple alternative to shaving foam is a soap worked into a good lather.

  • All-metal safety razors are easy to get hold of while brands such as Bulldog are currently testing bamboo razors.

My advice to everyone is don’t try and change everything in one go. Even one change can begin to make a huge difference!”

Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free

GGA Volunteer Mary uses Georganics to get her mouthwash tablets and toothpaste in reusable glass jars. “Sometimes I manage to get recycled toilet paper that isn’t wrapped in plastic. Most of the things I buy are from Nature’s Intention in Bromsgrove, others from Natural Collection or local Little Plastic.”

Meanwhile, some local businesses are making a shift to greener products. Bliss Hair Therapy in Alvechurch, for example, has introduce eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan products.

Alvechurch & Bordesley Nursery School (near Alvechurch train station) runs a recycling scheme for many beauty and care products that cannot go into the green bin.

Organiser Joceline Whittaker says: “Oral hygiene and beauty cosmetic packaging can be dropped off any time, in the Colgate box through the gate by the summerhouse.

“We recycle it through the Terracycle scheme, which changes waste into other products – it even turn nappies into bio-fuel. Find us on Facebook page or email...”

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