Alvechurch Hedgehog Highway

Alvechurch Cleaner and Greener: Working to Help Hedgehogs!

Get Your House on the Map

Making your Garden Hedgehog friendly and putting out food are the easiest things you can do to maintain and support them.

We are working to create a Hedgehog Highway Map of Alvechurch and encouraging people to submit sightings, and have their Garden registered on the Highway Map as friendly to Hedgehogs.

You can do this by clicking the links above or below!

Buy equipment or check out the Support Links

You can order Holes for you fences and Hedgehog houses along with other support services from the Info below.

Buying from Andy Fincham means money is donated to Acorns Hospice and Hedgehog support Charities.


In the past decade we have lost over a half of rural hedgehogs and a third from towns and cities. The decline in towns and cities seems to be slowing, but the situation in the countryside is a real concern. This decline is not sustainable and it could be that we lose our spiky friends for good. This is why the PTES and BHPS are working with farmers across the UK to help them manage their land more sensitively for hedgehogs and try to bring this animal back from the brink.

Get a Hedgehog House!

Andy Fincham will make you your own personal Hedgehog house! Contact Him on his Facebook Page or Leave a message with us. Click the Link below or email him

Proceeds go to Acorns Hospice and Charities supporting Hedgehogs!

Get a Hedgehog Highway Hole